A Guide to Inexpensively Decorating Your Bare Windows

Embellishing windows can be an exciting and amusing task for someone who finds pleasure in receiving compliments about their home. The problem is it can become tricky if you are dealing with an arched window or a classic one and you have no idea on how to decorate it.

In reality, you don't have to seek the assistance of a costly Home Decorator or Designer to present you with some distinct window treatment options. You can visit your local home improvement center, purchase some magazines, or you can go online to squeeze your creative juices.

What you will want to do is determine the functionality of your window treatment. Do you want it to give you more privacy or do you want it to "frame" your beautiful view? Those are just two questions you should ask yourself.

After deciding on those factors, you can choose to install an emaciated, clear or a bulky, dense material as your window treatment. You can merge different window treatments to meet your window shading requirements. For instance, you can utilize a set of roman shades to provide your room with light and privacy control together with some fine-looking silk drapes that draw attention to your home view and furnishings.

There are many options for both types of window treatments (those that fit in your window and those that go around it.) The typical mini-blinds have been joined by window shades that offer features similar to mini-blinds but have an added sheer material to better serve your privacy and lighting needs.

The sheer window shades grant a home with a natural and modern appeal. Different colors, shapes, textures, and designs can be purchased depending on the window covering that best suits your house.

Today's technology has made motorized shades available for the high-tech crowd and they even come with battery-operated remote controls. These window coverings are on a track on the vertical sides of the window and slide from the top OR bottom.

The vertical track type of window covering is an excellent choice that permits the natural light to enter the room when the top of the cover is down. It may also show the inside view in your house when you move the shade's bottom up.

Whatever style you go with, modern or country, keep in mind that window treatments can be the focal point of your room, even a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. They are not specific to living rooms or dining rooms like one may think. Simply pick a style that compliments the room or adds that "finishing touch."

You'd be amazed at how something as simple as a window treatment can really give your home that put-together look and comforting feel.

Carmina Collins is the owner of, a site dedicated to providing the latest tips and trends for discount window treatments. Visit her informative website before your next purchase and save time and money.

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The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatments: Better Homes & Gardens

Have trouble choosing the right window treatments? Let us help you find the perfect styles for your home.

101 Makeover Ideas from 101 Designers: House Beautiful

So you want to do something different to your home right now? Here are 101 ideas from 101 designers, and there's something for every room.

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A Single Mom's Guide to Home Improvement

When I bought my house nine years ago, my son was about to turn three and I reveled in the security of owning my slice of the American dream. Being a single mom was (and is!) both challenging and rewarding, but I knew that having a house to call my own was the best thing that ever happened to my son and me.
My house was ten years old when I bought it, and it was in excellent condition. Still, as time passed, a variety of issues cropped up. I think my way of handling (or not handling) home improvements is fairly typical for single women who own their own homes. Hopefully, my experiences will help you navigate the waters of home improvement. Here's what I've learned:

1. You can go places with a good book and a toolbox. The Christmas of the year I moved in, my sister and brother-in-law gave me a toolbox filled with the basics: screwdrivers, wrenches, a hammer, nails, nuts and bolts, and so forth. They also gave me a book on basic home repairs. Their gift literally provided me with the tools I needed, but it also gave me confidence that I could tackle minor home improvement projects. My advice: invest in some tools and use a book or online sources to guide you through the routine maintenance that your house requires.

2. Ask for advice. As a single woman who is now 49 years old and has limited knowledge of more complex home improvement issues, I'm always afraid that I'll be taken advantage by a repair company. When my air conditioner conked out on a 100-plus degree day, for example, I had no way of knowing if I really needed a new unit. I've learned to call on neighbors, family members, and friends - whose collective knowledge exceeds mine - to get their impressions. They've steered me in the right direction on a number of occasions.

3. Keep tabs on the neighbors. All of the houses in my immediate vicinity were built by the same builder at roughly the same time. Getting to know my neighbors and talking to them about home improvement has helped me get a sense of what to plan for. For example, two years ago I began to see that the houses around me were starting to get new roofs. Although I didn't have a leaky roof, a few months ago I decided to re-roof. I wanted to be proactive so I didn't get stuck with the expense of drywall repairs in addition to the cost of a new roof.

4. Ask for referrals, and then check them yourself. Through my neighbors' referrals, I've been able to find a superb roofer, an impeccable exterior house painter, and a terrific tile guy. But I don't just rely on their word. I always - repeat, always - check with my state's contractor licensing board to verify their licenses and with the Better Business Bureau to check on past complaints. I get all estimates in writing, and ask for proof of insurance.

5. Don't put your head in the sand. There has been more than one occasion when I've chosen not to deal with a home improvement issue, and I've always regretted it. I knew, for example, that the exterior of my fireplace had some dry rot. Unfortunately, by letting it go for so long it cost me much more than if I would have dealt with it immediately.

6. Make a list. This last bit of advice is basic, but critical. Start and keep a home improvement list. As a single mom, it's all too easy to get caught up in the hectic pace of daily life and let routine home maintenance fall by the wayside. I divide my home improvement list into three sections: one for items that need attention in the next three months; one for home improvement projects for the coming year; and one that maps out what I want to accomplish with the house over the next five years. The short- and medium-term lists keep me motivated, while my long-term list helps me save the money needed for the big-ticket items.

You can already
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Your Shopping Guide To Window Blinds

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 When it comes to having an economical choice for a basic window covering, window blinds are the most preferred choice. Irrespective of whether you are searching for vertical blinds, roller blinds or mini slatted blinds to complement your new windows and transform the look and feel of a room, there are various window blinds and shades to match your room décor, as well as your budget and taste.

Traditional Vinyl Blinds

You can opt for traditional vinyl blinds for all rooms in your home. These are also referred to as mini blinds. These coverings are created from slats that are strung together, allowing for the ease of rotating from one side to another or of the raising or lowering of the blinds. Although the slate sizes differ, the usual sizes are two inch, one inch, and half inch.

These blinds have a stick installed on either of the sides that lets you change the tilt of the slats to allow less or more light inside the room. On the other side there is a set of strings to raise and lower the blinds to your desired position. These shades can be bought in different colors to suit your interiors and can be mounted with just a few pieces of hardware.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the perfect choice for tall windows. With these blinds, you can get the most of your view. If you have installed mini blinds on a tall window, the weight of those blinds can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the strings. It also becomes difficult to pull the blinds up. Vertical blinds allow you to see the outside much easier.

These types of blinds are also great choice for sliding glass doors. While working as the best alternative to the curtains, they also give more contemporary look. They are also easy to install, operate, and maintain. However, if you still want to have curtains on your windows, you can still have them.

Benefits of Window Blinds:

• There are wide variety of textures and colors of window blinds available in the market
• They are very easy to clean and maintain
• They can be easily adjusted to control the amount of light enters the room
• They can be effortlessly tailored cut to fit your windows.
• They are reasonably priced and durable also

Purchasing Window Blinds

Before you shop around for blinds or shades, it is important to make sure that you have the perfect measurements of all the windows or glass doors that require blinds.

It can be very frustrating and annoying to buy blinds, bring them home, and find out that they do not fit your window, especially if you have spent almost a fortune to have them custom cut. Make sure that you measure your windows at least twice to be certain that you have got the accurate figures.
You will find numerous shops selling these products. You can find them in home improvement shops, discount retailers and home décor specialty shops.

If the windows of your house are not a standard size, or if you want more choices when it comes to style and color, it is a great idea to shop online. Whether you purchase them online or offline, do not forget to examine the return policy before placing your order.

Don't overlook your windows treatments while decorating home; with proper shades they can look great. Follow the links to get professional service on buying/installation of designer curtains/shutters in NYC.

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Modern Roller Blinds

by sunnyy
Redecorating a home is a difficult task that requires knowledge in furnishings for a satisfactory result.

Windows give sparkle to the house by providing natural light; therefore, it is extremely important to choose the adequate roller blinds.

A blind is a window covering that reduces the heat from sunlight. There are different types of blinds, using different
The Hunter Douglas Commercial Seychelles Fabric
systems and materials. Window blinds may use a single piece of material or slats.

Roller blinds, also known as roller shades, are economic, easy to install and improve the house decor by adding color, texture and style. Elegant and practical roller shades can be purchased online by choosing the type, style, size and color, at a low price with free shipping and samples.

Roller blinds can be also used for kitchens, bathrooms and others tight spaces.

Everyone likes to personalize their things and to fit perfectly in their home; therefore, the roller blinds can be personalized with elegant trim, braids, poles and various shapes.

There are many different fabrics blinds such as canvas, denim, satin, wispy. A softer texture is adequate for tear drag style, while a stiffer texture fits with a horizontal style.

For a sophisticated and elegant dressing, Roman blinds represent the ideal option, especially for those who see their home as an emblem of personal achievement.

Blinds are available from plains to pattern and in a variety of colours that make them attractive and practical. Roman blinds fall into two categories: Standard and Deluxe.

Standard blinds are secured by a metal cleat attached to the wall or window frame and use a manual system to raise and lower items.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller
The Deluxe blind use a mechanism with chain to raise and lower the blind being more suitable than the Standard blind, also a lot more comfortable to use.

Venetian blinds use natural materials such as wood and are more suitable for a conservatory decor. Wooden Venetian blinds are in 10 different colors.

Modern Venetian blinds made out of metal or vinyl, with slats arranged horizontally for a more "household" look.

Roller blinds are manufactured in high-test quality fabrics; therefore, buying roller blinds is an ideal investment that will last. The mechanism used to cut stainless chains is an ultrasonic cutting table and prevents accidents and deteriorations for happening.

Vertical blinds are used to cover large windows or sliding doors. Vertical blinds are available in a variety of materials, styles and over 200 colors. These are extremely practical and suitable for any decor regardless of the reason for which they were purchased. The materials available are from classic vinyl to ribbed, embossed or elegant texture such as silk.

There are also cellular blinds, which are energy efficient. Cellular blinds are the soft alternative to Venetian blinds and are capable of reducing the temperature inside a room, by blocking the sun.

Modern roller blinds are notable due to the different materials used such as wood, metal, fabric, vinyl, plastic, etc.

Blinds of fabric may roll up around a solid metal (roller blinds), or fold up due to a cord and horizontal slats (Roman blind). Roller blinds are easy to use and modern, allowing an easy passage from a cold, dark room to a bright and warm room.

There is a big difference in the quality of roller blinds. We recently installed some from this roller blinds melbourne business.

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A Comparison of Blinds, Curtains and Shutters

If the time has come to redecorate you may be wondering what your best options are when dressing your window spaces. Perhaps the options that come to mind most immediately are particular styles of curtains and blinds, but how do shutters stack up as an alternative?

A Brief Background
Within each category of window dressing there are many different styles and varieties. Curtains can differ in the type of fabrics used and most noticeably in their appearance, with an almost limitless variety of colours and patterns on the market. There are also many varying styles of blinds but they can be broadly defined in terms of roman, roller, venetian and vertical panel blinds. Roman and roller blinds will tend to be produced in fabric however the slats or panels on vertical and venetian blinds can be made in a range of materials including wood, plastic, metal and fabric.
Shutters can come with either solid or louvred panels, usually made from wood but with plastic and metal options available. Louvred shutters can also be referred to as Plantation shutters and shutter styles can vary from full height (covering the whole window space) to cafe style (across the base of a window space) and tier-on-tier (separate bottom and top panels).

The Look
The first thought when buying a window dressing is most likely going to concern what will suit or look good in a room. Curtains, and some roman blinds, will provide a softer option and can increase the 'cosy' factor. They, alongside most blinds, can also be coloured and patterned to suit any decor however they may not provide a distinctive look if that's what trying to achieve. Blinds and interior shutters will give a cleaner edged and more minimalist look to a greater or lesser extent depending on the materials and design you choose and therefore can suit a modern interior.
In addition, older style shutters can give a room an authentic aged appearance and in many cases be used to reinstate the original features of an older home which would have been contemporaneous with its construction - particularly those build in the Victorian era or before.

Living Conditions
Your window dressing can have a big effect on living conditions within a room. It is quite easy to simply consider the aesthetics when buying a window dressing but there are many more considerations that should be taken into account...

Light - All window dressings are obviously designed to allow light in when it is needed and provide privacy when it's not but blinds and shutters will allow greater amounts of light because they can usually be folded out of the way more effectively than curtains. In instances where you may need to limit the direct sunlight entering a room, blinds and shutters will give you the control with adjustable slats and louvres whereas solid shutters will provide the best blackout when required.

Ventilation & Air Flow - Heavier curtains may be effective at blocking air flow whilst light curtains can allow a good ventilation but neither provide much control. Blinds do not tend to be sturdy enough to be used to regulate air flow but shutters are - louvred shutters give flexibility in this respect and solid shutters can provide an easily controllable barrier to air flow when needed.

Temperature - Due to their ability to block direct sunlight and regulate the air flow in a room shutters are particularly useful at controlling room temperature. They can retain heat in a room when it is cold outside and keep a room cool in hot weather.

Privacy - All window dressings can provide a good barrier to prying eyes with the main distinction again being the flexibility and control that both slatted blinds and louvred shutters will offer.

Noise - The more solid construction of shutters, particularly solid shutters, are ideal for blocking out external sounds and a set of heavy curtains can be effective at soaking up noise from all sources.

Cleanliness - If you need to consider how easy it is to keep your window dressings clean then both non-fabric blinds and shutters are likely to be most suitable as their harder services can be wiped clean in situ with little effort. Curtains, meanwhile, require full washes and are more likely to trap dirt and odours in their fabric in the first place.

Allergens - Due to the ease in which they can be cleaned blinds and shutters are again going to be a preferable option for those who suffer from dust and pet allergies or asthma. What's more, particularly with shutters and slatted blinds, such as venetian, the particles and allergens will be less able to accumulate in the first place than on the fabrics of curtains or to some extent roller and roman blinds.

Durability - Curtains are particularly susceptible to wear and tear at the paws of pets or due to environmental damage like fading in sunlight. Blinds can offer a more durable solution and in some cases, such as with broken slats, can be patched up and repaired but shutters, especially hardwood shutters, should outlast both due to the sturdiness of their construction.

Location/Space - Blinds and curtains are restricted to use as internal dressings, however, shutters are durable enough to be deployed either on the interior or exterior of the window. Blinds and shutters (open or closed) will also tend to take up less space in the room than a set of hanging curtains.

Cost - Blinds and curtains will offer the most affordable options although the cost of shutters is falling due to modern production techniques, the rise in their demand and the range of new materials that they are now available in.

Every home is different and every room is unique but there are a myriad of options to suit any window space and ultimately the best option will be determined by personal taste. However, when weighing up the effect the contenders have on the aesthetic and the quality of conditions in a room it is certainly worth considering interior shutters as a solution.
© Stuart Mitchell 2011
I'm a small business owner. If you are interested in finding out more about options for dressing your interior window space then visit Interior Shutters.
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5 Cost Effective Ways To Make Your Home More Attractive To Buyers

There's no doubt that if you're currently trying to sell your house, you're going to be doing so in a market full of buyers who are both very wary of just buying any house and in many instances, struggling to raise the necessary finances from their bank or building society.

It's because of this why the seller's market has become very competitive and you need to ensure that you're doing your utmost to make your house as attractive as possible to potential buyers, something that these five points should help you do in a cost effective way.

1. Paint the walls a neutral colour - simple and easy, just because you like a certain wallpaper or colour, it doesn't mean that everyone else will and so it's always advisable to paint the walls neutral colours so that anyone who does come to view your property can think of the room as a blank canvas, rather than having to get around the thought of living with the wallpaper or colour that you love but which they hate.

2. Tidy up - you might be laughing at this point, but there are far too many people who don't tidy up their houses before they put it on the market.
OK, so all of your belongings aren't going to be left in the house when it's sold, but it's going to be difficult for potential buyers to envisage themselves living in your house if all they can see are children's toys scattered around the living room or your clothes strewn across the bedroom.

3. Replace curtains with blinds - you can instantly brighten up any room by taking down old curtains, both nets and standard curtains and replacing them with blinds.
Alternatively, if you'd prefer to keep your curtains, install blinds and replace the curtains with ones which aren't fussy or heavily decorated and although fit in with the room, appear to be there purely to be closed at night.

4. Don't forget the garden - no matter whether you spend a lot of time in your garden or not, it's important that you don't forget to mow the lawn and generally tidy the garden up when you're looking to sell your house.
You don't have to plant a lot of new plants or landscape the area - just make sure that anyone who comes to see your house can see the garden and get a good idea of how they could develop it themselves should they buy the house.

5. Touch up the woodwork - all throughout your house your likely to have woodwork that you painted when you last decorated, but haven't touched since.
Skirting boards, picture rails, dado rails, window sills, door frames - they're all things that you paint when you're decorating the room, but which you very rarely paint otherwise.
If you spend some time with some white gloss going over the woodwork around the house, however, you'll be surprised at just how much it freshens up each room.

Just because your house hasn't been sold yet, it doesn't mean that you have to spend a small fortune renovating it, with the information provided here showing you five simple and cost effective ways to make your home more attractive to buyers.
Tom Saunders is a specialist who researches the latest conservatory blinds products.
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House Beautiful: Before & After: A Real One-Day Living Room Makeover

It's morning in Westport, Connecticut, and homeowner Cari Hynes, a retail executive, will leave for work as usual. But by the time she gets home, her living room will be transformed. Designers Pat Healing and Dan Barsanti will do it in less than nine hours. See the pictures and get decorating ideas for your own space.

(click link below)

Before & After: A Real One-Day Living Room Makeover

Tips and ideas to choose the right window covering

by dlancy42

Windows are important fixtures in your home as they help you control the light and air that enters your home from outside. Hence, it is important to dress up your windows by using different types of window coverings. The right window covering or treatment can sometimes make or break the overall appearance of a room.

One has to act very diligently while picking up the window covering wisely to be able to turn your room's look into a visual treat. It is important to pay attention to your windows because the windows are the most noticeable parts of a room. If you do not use window coverings or treatments for your windows, your room will look bare and incomplete and you will not be able to maintain privacy in your closet as well as will not be able to control the wind or the light according to your needs and requirements.

However, it is not enough to buy window coverings and treatments and hang them on your windows. It is also important to know how to pick the right ones according to size, style, and cost. It is important to understand these things to make sure that you choose the right coverings and treatments.

When choosing printed window coverings such as printed curtains, shades, or drapes, make sure that you consider the rest of the room. If you have printed wallpapers in your room, printed window coverings might only make the room look too crowded and busy. You can choose a bold colour treatment for printed walls or printed treatments for solid colour walls. For colours, you have to ensure that the coverings complement the colour scheme of the room and which should be a good combination for your closet, both cosy and colourful.

You also have to understand that window coverings are not only there for aesthetic reasons but they also serve specific functions. As mentioned earlier, one function of coverings is to give privacy. This means that see-through or transparent coverings are not the right option for maintaining privacy in your closet. Make sure to check on the material of the window covering before you purchase, checking on their quality and texture. You have to consider both the aesthetic and practical functions of the coverings for you to be able to pick the right ones.

Other functional factors that may need to be taken into account are the insulation properties of various window coverings. The windows of a house can rapidly cool down or heat up a home due to outside weather conditions, and the type of window glass used. If you don't have double-glazing, and you need to keep your house warm, consider using heavy curtains, or line your curtains with a thermal insulator fabric. Also make sure to take the measurement of your window, before making a purchase of such window treatment, coverings or draperies or shades-otherwise you may land up purchasing a shade of wrong size, which may be either smaller to your window requirements or larger.

It is essential to make an outline of your budget for window covering, before making an investment and do a considerable research on the market through the internet, which provides us ample scope for us to verify the stocks available in the market at what price.

Looking for professional to install window coverings according to your needs and requirements? Follow the links to contact the drapery shop for professional services on blind, shades and draperies .

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How to Choose the Right Roller Blinds for your Home

Hunter Douglas Remembrance Roller Shades
by 247blindsuk

Are you done with the decoration of your rooms? Paint is dry and shinning, wallpaper is gorgeous and carpets are luxurious and now think about window treatments.

For some rooms designed in a conventional manner, such as dinning room or lounge, old-fashioned curtains can fit the needs but for other rooms including bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and children's bedroom roller blinds are the best choices. One of the leading reasons for the popularity of roller blinds or roman blinds (as they are often called) is their availability in a wide range of designs, styles and colors. So they will definitely go with any type of home decoration. For instance, the woven wooden blinds are perfect for bathroom while vinyl roller blinds having prints of cartoon characters, animal forms and forest scenes are ideal for children's bedroom.

Century Roller Shades
Roller blinds are easy to clean. Curtains have to be removed and washed from time to time. It is quite a task to open the curtains and then either wash them yourself or send it to the cleaners. Roman blinds on the otherhand can be cleaned with a quick wipe using damp cloth. Ease of cleaning makes them a favourite in kitchen where there is a lot of soot deposition everyday. These blinds are very easy to install too. Some people prefer to install the blinds themselves. In this regard professional help should always be sorted. Installing the blinds is work of experts, if the blinds are not installed properly then you may have problems while using them.

All the above mentioned features have made roller blinds best choices for interior decorators and individual users. With every passing day popularity of the roller blinds is only on the rise. To reap benefits of this popularity there are many online blinds stores stocking large list of roller blinds. While buying blinds online you have to find a reputed online dealer. Only the reputed websites have large stocks of roller blinds. There are roller blinds of various shades, materials, designs available at these stores. It has been seen in the past though that such a large number of choices baffle the first time blind buyers. So the below given information will help you make the perfect choice:

Match with Interiors: Roller blinds are available in various shades and designs so you can match with the interior designing of the rooms. Blinds should match the color of walls or furniture present in the room. With the right choice of roller blinds you can significantly beautify your room and give it a new look. If there are many electronic goods in the room then it will be a good idea to go for the remote controlled blinds. These blinds will give a techie look to the room.

Choose Color: Wall color is a very important consideration while choosing blinds. Choosing bright colored roller blinds is crucial to give a refined look to a room that is otherwise pale colored.
Look for Discount Deals: To compete with other companies most blind sellers provide discount offers from time to time. Wait for such offers and latch on to them. This will further reduce your expenses.

Roller blinds are a great way to give your rooms updated looks. They are cost effective, trendy and require least time for maintenance.

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Inspirational Kitchens

Sub-Zero & Wolf present a selection of remarkable spaces from the pages of AD

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Barbie's New Eco-Friendly Dream Home Could Sell For $3.5 Million*

Decorating A Small Bedroom - Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look More Spacious and Bigger

The bedroom is your personal space of relaxation and rest so you want it to have great style and function. But what can you do when the room is very small? Fortunately, there are several ways you can do to make small bedroom appear more spacious and bigger.

1. Lighting

Lighting plays a very important part in the overall decoration of a room. Small bedrooms should have soft and gentle lighting. Installation of lights close to the bed would give the room a more spacious appearance. If possible, make use of dimmers in one or two focal points. Avoid stand-alone lamps, instead mount lamps to the walls. For bedtime reading, you could have a lamp mounted to the wall with a thread hanging down for convenient on and off. Versatile lamps in the ceiling are also good options, however make sure they don't come in the way of other objects. Ambient, accent and fluorescent lightings have an elegant and soothing appeal and can be utilized in small bedrooms.

2. Color

Another major aspect of bedroom decoration comprises of the wall colors. In a small room, dark hues should be strictly avoided, as they tend to close up the space even more. On the other hand, light colors give an illusion of depth and space. . Use more of white and cream colors to give the room a refreshing look in the mornings and a comforting feel at night. Light shades of paint will make the room look more spacious, unlike shades of blue, yellow, green, mauve, etc which make the room look less spacious. The advantage of using light shades is that, the light color reflects the light falling on it on the deeper parts of the room, thereby creating an illusion of more space.

3. Remove the Non-Necessities

Get rid of any clutter in your small room. This alone will help make a visible difference. When decorating a small bedroom, you need to give proper consideration to the furniture as well. As far as possible, go for the items that can be mounted on the wall. For instance, if your bedside table is occupying unnecessary space, you can opt for a wall-mounted shelf next to the bed. Rather than closet, go for under-bed storage. If you also plan to have a TV in your room, mounting it on the wall will provide you with additional empty space. Try to go for small furniture items, which do not occupy much place or make the room look cluttered.

4. Windows

When we talk about a small bedroom, windows automatically become a part of the overall décor. As far as possible, let the windows provide natural lighting to your room. You can make use of light curtains and blinds for the purpose, so that the room does not look dark and closed-in. At the same time, get holds for the purpose of tying back your curtains in the day time. Remember, heavy curtains always make a room look smaller than it is.

5. Bedroom

One of the first aspects that you will need to consider, while decorating your small bedroom, would comprise of the bed and its size. It would be advisable to go for a queen-size or full bed, rather than king-size, so that you do not end up blocking all the space available in your bedroom. As for the bedspread and sheets, rather than mix and match style, go for one design pattern. In terms of colors, bold and bright hues will work best in livening up the room

6. Mirror

Mirror is one of the most effective, fastest and cheapest way to get the maximum of your home space as well as increase the amount of natural light entering the room through the window. When decorating a small bedroom, place the mirror across from a window in the room. This will help to provide further light into a room and therefore create the illusion of space.
If you want more information about Bedroom plase visit this site right now.
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Spruce Up your Home with Faux Wood Shutters

by Aleksandar Bryson

Most people immediately cringe upon hearing the term faux wood. Perhaps the quality of the faux materials in the past failed to come close to the raw and natural beauty of natural and real wood. However, as the years went by, composite materials have become one of the best alternatives to real wood, especially when making window treatments. Today, faux or composite wood window treatments offer splendidly wood simulated window treatment and more.

Century Eclipse Shutters
When wooden shutters are considered a luxury in today's limited wood resources, faux wood is seen as an alternative material that can stand in place of real wood. Faux wood is usually made from materials that incorporate vinyl and polymers. Real wood may even be used to give the material the desired grainy feel or to make its texture close to real wood. In lessening or replacing the need for real wood for window protection and home privacy, it presented a relatively inexpensive yet equally appealing and effective window treatment that is ideal even to areas which is usually subjected to high moisture levels.

Wood is a traditional option when it comes to window treatment. Considering its cost, having wood shutters installed say a lot about the homeowner's lifestyle and design taste. But while wood becomes rapidly expensive, too expensive in fact for average American families, the versatility of composite wood window treatment completes a classy visual edge to window treatments.

Since windows are prone to sunlight, moisture or rain, simulated wood materials are rather more ideal to be used instead of wood as they do not fade, crack, stain, rot or grow mold. One of the intrinsic properties of fake wood shutters is their resistance to moisture. By strategically placing face wood window treatment to areas prone to moisture like kitchen and bathrooms, you get to enjoy your window treatments longer than when you use real wood.

Your decision to use fake wood or faux wooden material instead of real wood also makes an environmentally and economically sound decision. Aside from reducing your requirement for real wood, it also reduces your consumption of industrial materials that usually contribute to the pollution. Wood materials need to be applied with sealants, solvents and other cleaning solutions for maintenance. Without ample attention to maintenance, wooden shutters may only last for several years. Hence, its treatment and installation is expensive. On the other hand, fake wood is more practical to invest in. For instance, a plantation style faux wooden shutter costs about 60 percent of the actual market value of its wooden counterpart.

In today's current economic conditions, the trend for home decorations has set a quest to looking for inexpensive yet effective items. Faux wood may not give you the rustic feel that you want from wood, but the material does the job more effectively than wood. If you happen to live in a place that is sunny or rainy in most part of the year, settling for wood composites, which are less prone to the ruining effects of weather elements, could be the better decision for your next home improvement project.

Go beyond faux wood with options like accordion shutters at

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Pick your paint colors last, choose mismatched seating, and don't forget the closet lighting. Here are the best tips and tricks that nobody ever tells you about decorating. For more inside tips, see the Barefoot Contessa discuss her kitchen organization ideas.

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Romantic Bedroom Decorating Tips

Many people envision their bedrooms as a romantic getaway within their home. To decorate your bedroom with a romantic flair takes some time and consideration, as you need to entice all five of your senses. It isn’t enough just to put silk sheets on your bed and light some candles. To be truly romantic, your bedroom needs to be well thought out, appealing to both you and your partner.

Creating a Romantic Bed

If you’re looking to create a romantic bedroom, you want your bed to be as inviting as possible. Remember to include luxurious sheets and blankets, plush pillows, and most importantly, a comfortable mattress. For the color scheme, choose calming colors like light blue, pink, and ivory, or jewel toned colors like purple and emerald green. Avoid uncomfortable accents such as frilly lace, as they really do nothing to set the mood.

Finding the Perfect Romantic Lighting

Be sure to avoid harsh bright lights in the bedroom if you’re going for a romantic feel. Rather, look for more of a soft filtered light for the room. You’ll get a softer light if you use a light bulb that has a lower wattage. Another great tip is to use lamps instead of an overhead light fixture. Go for a very basic light fixture, or if you have the space, you might even consider installing a chandelier. Another great idea is to use decorative lamp shades, which will filter the light to another color such as light pink or a soft red.

Adding Romantic Accessories

For a romantic bedroom, one of the most important accessories you can add to give it ambience is candles. There are many different varieties to choose from. You might add floating candles that you can place in a glass vase or large pillar candles that sit on decorative plates or boxes. No matter the décor, you should be able to find a type and color of candles that fits your room.

Other accessories that will help you bedroom feel more romantic include flowers, canopy drapes, decorative mirrors, and framed artwork. One accessory you definitely do not need is a television, as there is no need for distractions in the bedroom.

Making a Romantic Bedroom Practical

Don’t forget, you still have to live and sleep in your bedroom. It’s easy to go overboard and then find that you are uncomfortable in your own bedroom. Just because your bedroom is “romantic,” doesn’t mean it has to be cluttered with dozens of things. It’s best to choose a few key pieces to include in the décor and then go from there.

You can keep your romantic bedroom very simple and still retain the romance and atmosphere you want. You’ll also need to include practical items in your room, like a oak nightstand or mission chest. These items can easily be dressed up. You might add some accessories or fabrics to make them flow with the romantic style.

A romantic look is always a popular choice for the bedroom. Your bedroom should provide a great getaway from the rest of the home, giving you a comfortable and inviting place to lay your head each night.
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Coordinate Wood Furnishings Easily With Window Blinds

Wood blinds are one of the most popular, versatile and fashionable types of light filtering and insulating window blinds available today. Their natural grain finish and stain along with their easy compatibility with your overall room design and décor make wood blinds an excellent, sophisticated choice to enhance your home's interior. These lovely window blinds have natural hues and grains that complement those of other wood furnishings as well as other materials, both natural and manmade.

Whether you are completely renovating or redecorating your home, or simply adding complementary touches, you will always be delighted with the results of carefully chosen and installed wood blinds at your windows. To be honest, it's difficult to make a wrong or less than desirable decision when choosing such blinds for home installation. Since the natural tones and grains of wood finishes are compatible with nature's abundance of colors and nuances of hue, most any selection of wood blinds will join with the rest of your home's décor to enhance and embellish the overall interior design.

Available for all window sizes, wood blinds are a highly effective home addition for controlling outside light entry through your windows. By rotating the window blinds slat position by a small fraction on an inch, you can prevent glaring light effects in your home's interior, creating a soft, natural lighting quality to enhance your home environment. The natural grain finish and warm nuances of the blinds' wood surface further buffer and soften any harsh light, preventing the glaring reflection that mental blinds or smooth-glossed shades and other window treatments may cause.

Since wood blinds have slats usually measuring two inches in depth with a thickness of approximately one eighth of an inch, they are quite helpful in insulating your window interiors from extreme temperatures during both summer and winter seasons. This feature can vastly improve heating and cooling factors in all your rooms, making your energy bills drop appreciably in amount while improving the comfort and enjoyment of time spent at home. Another very useful and attractive feature is their ability to shield your home's interior from outside noise, whether you live in an urban, suburban or rural location.

You'll find both the installation and upkeep of wood blinds quite easy. Their attractive and stylish matching valance, which comes at no additional cost, serves as a shield for the steel headrail operational control at the top. By easy manipulation of durable nylon or polyester cords, you can rotate a wood blind's position to a full 180 degrees for complete room interior darkness and privacy. Easy to dust and clean, wood blinds maintain their attractive surface quality with very little time and effort toward upkeep on your part. Since their thickness can cause a larger volume of blind slat stacking and build-up at the top of your windows when completely raised to reveal your windows, you may choose to have wood blinds installed outside your window frames.

If your window blinds operation seem cumbersome or present a problem for children or elderly members of your household, you may want to consider installation of Smooth Lift or motorized controls that can solve any difficulties posed when raising or lowering your window blinds. Especially since wood blinds, though attractive and easy to maintain, are heavier than many metal and plastic blinds, your window treatment company installation consultant may recommend these automatic operational control mechanisms for your comfort and convenience.

Without doubt, wood blinds will both enhance your home's décor and prove highly cost effective to your home maintenance expenses. The added warmth and elegance of their polished natural-grain surfaces and hues will combine with the varied wood, fabric, metal, vinyl and other components of each room's décor to emphasize, enhance and accentuate fine qualities of composition in your home's overall interior design.

At the same time, their strong insulating abilities will free your home from distractions and inconvenience of exterior noise and extremes of temperature, while providing highly effective light filtering and total privacy for your complete comfort and convenience. You will find that the installation of attractive and fashionable window blinds at your windows will add delightful warmth and soft ambiance to your home and greatly enhance the quality of your time spent there
Judith Persit is an experienced interior designer specializing in window coverings. Judith writes about wood blinds. Learn more regarding window blinds at her website.
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Roller blinds are the best for controlling heat and maintaining privacy

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades
If you are thinking for renovating and decorating your home and office and also want to replace customary curtain, then roller blinds are ultimate window treatment solution for your home and offices. 
Today, these blinds are very popular among the decorators because it gives beauty to interior decoration and helps in boosting interior beauty. It also provides fashionable look to you. 
The best things of roller blinds and vertical blinds is that, you can get these window blinds in various designs, colours, sizes and textures according to likeness of you and your members of family. Different kinds of fabrics for blinds are also available in market that makes easy for you to choose the best suitable designs.

Since, the fabrics of roller blinds are made using refined quality of stiffened fabric so it is simple and easy to maintain and care. It can be operated with a pull cord or remote. Exciting part of exploring various styles of roller blinds is it will help you in deciding that which style would work the best for your window of home and office. There are assortments of roller blinds that create different types of light and also maintain privacy.

If you are looking for absolute privacy and blocking all lights, then black colours of roller blinds are the best for this purpose. These thicker fabrics of roller blinds are made from 100 per cent light blocking materials that prevent all types of light from entering into room and offices.

The double functioning roller blinds are also available so you can also use them. Benefit of these new style and fashionable roller blinds is that it has two functions. It permits warm filtering of light to enter into your home and office in the day, and give the complete privacy at night. Other kinds of roller blinds are also available that give a balance between the two. Whereas, the sunscreen roller blinds allow you to take glimpse of beautiful world and also filter the light to make you feel pleasant.

A wide variety of roller blinds is available in the market that can also be used for enhancing interior decoration. So during making purchase of roller window blinds and vertical window blinds you have to look for the colours of blinds’ fabrics that suit to colours and walls of your homes, offices, commercial building, corporate house and apartments.

Other types of roller blinds such as envelope, castellated, and eyelet roller blinds are the best variety that provide a variation on regular rollers, and create a trendy and modern look with their varied shapes and accents.

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